Get to know the “might multi-taskers” of the cosmetic dentistry world … Beautiful, versatile porcelain veneers

Let’s say the bleaching trays didn’t “take.” For some stains and discoloration, gaps between teeth that are growing wider, less severe chips, or other forms of enamel wear that do not require restorative procedures (like fillings or crowns), and other concerns, Dental Care of Riverside may recommend veneers. 

Patients across southern California have benefited from these thin layers of esthetic, strong, and stain-resistant dental ceramic or porcelain. They are artfully prepared by our talented dentist, Dr. Archana Sheth. Dr. Sheth has made a name for herself in our slice of the Inland Empire and beyond with her advanced training across a wide array of highly sought-after and modern cosmetic and restorative treatments, including veneers. She offers exceptional care without the high specialist’s price tag. 

As indicated, veneers may be precisely and skillfully designed and placed to: 

  • Cover up even the darkest intrinsic (internal) stains
  • Strengthen teeth that have sustained enamel wear
  • Prevent chips and minor fractures from becoming bigger problems that threaten the structural integrity of the affected teeth 
  • Close gaps between teeth 
  • Resolve other minor spacing issues
  • Resize or reshape teeth 

Generally, veneers are applied to the front surfaces of the teeth and those teeth in your “smile zone.” The porcelain is bonded or secured to the fronts of those visible teeth that have been prepared. By removing minimal enamel, veneers fit, feel, and function naturally and properly. Furthermore, by getting the “sizing” of the veneer right, we ensure that the strength and health of the treated tooth are sustained. 

Since modern veneers are so thin, very little enamel is removed. Furthermore, we are happy to discuss “prep-less” Lumineers® with patients. We also offer composite “direct” veneers or dental bonding, which corrects many of the above concerns without removing any enamel. Bonding can also be completed in one visit. 

For those individuals with more extensive restorative or orthodontic needs or those who have experienced cosmetic damage or trauma to the back teeth and chewing surfaces, Dr. Sheth may recommend:

  • Esthetic restorations (tooth-colored crowns, inlays, onlays, and porcelain crowns) 
  • “Brace-less” teeth straightening and bite correction with discreet clear aligner therapy (Invisalign® and ClearCorrect®)

There is an option to beautify and restore the health of every smile at Dental Care of Riverside! Our office can be reached at (951) 666-8998.