We lovingly “cater to cowards”! How advanced sedation dentistry supports gentle care

Dental Care of Riverside lovingly says we “cater to cowards.” We take great pride in making even the most apprehensive patient feel relaxed. Our patients across southwestern California may have formerly avoided the dentist at all costs out of deep-seated fear. Yet, they trust us. They keep returning to our office, located near the University of California Riverside, for the services that are vital to both the health of their smile and to their health as a whole. 

There is no “silver bullet” here. Led by Dr. Archana Sheth, our team is kind, welcoming, and non-judgmental. We have many advanced tools that further minimize “triggers,” such as anxiety over clinical sounds, smells, and sensations. And we also have other “helpers” in the form of sedation dentistry.

Relax at the dentist’s office!

Other dental providers near and far may only offer the most minimal form of sedation: nitrous oxide. We, too, are equipped to provide “laughing gas,” as it’s commonly called, to the appropriate patient. The calming nitrous is administered via a small nasal mask. The effects from laughing gas take hold quickly. Patients are no longer bothered by their surroundings. They remain awake and can communicate with our team as needed. Patients also appreciate that there is no lingering drowsiness associated with nitrous. The effects of this method subside quickly. You can even drive to and from your appointment without having to arrange transportation to our office!

Patients with more severe dental anxiety or phobia may benefit from either oral conscious sedation or IV sedation. Dr. Sheth has the training and is equipped to offer both methods. Oral sedation simply refers to taking a sedative medication in pill form by mouth. We will provide clear instructions on what to do before your appointment. The medication is prescribed by Dr. Sheth. True to its name, patients remain conscious. You may doze off but can still be nudged awake and can respond to our team. This type of sedation does cause lingering drowsiness. You must arrange for someone to take you to our office and pick you up following your appointment. 

Intravenous (IV) represents the deepest form of sedation available at Dental Care of Riverside. Dr. Sheth administers a sedative medication intravenously or through a vein. Due to the nature of IV sedation, its effects can be adjusted quickly. However, patients who undergo IV sedation generally fall asleep and later do not remember the treatment or have little recollection of it. For your safety, we monitor vitals throughout treatment and ensure our patients arrange for drop-off and pick-up before and after treatment. Deeper alternatives to “laughing gas” are also appropriate for patients undergoing very long or complex procedures and those with a bad gag reflex, are intensely fidgety, or present with other challenges that can stand in the way of efficient and safe treatment. To learn more about our many options to help you relax, call Dental Care of Riverside at (951) 666-8998 today.