Maintain your complete smile, and avoid extractions with expert root canal treatment

Extractions, or procedures to remove damaged teeth, are costly. Most teeth (with the exception of wisdom teeth) must be replaced. And even the “best” that modern dental science and technology have to offer in tooth replacement pales in comparison to the aesthetics, strength, and function of a natural, unaltered tooth.

At the office of Dental Care of Riverside, extractions of teeth (aside from those pesky third molars) are largely avoidable and unnecessary.

Our dentist, Dr. Archana Sheth, serves southwestern California with advanced and trusted dentistry. Aided by cutting-edge technologies, root canal therapy performed by Dr. Sheth is predictable and successful at preserving even deeply inflamed and infected teeth. 

A “deep clean” for the inside of your tooth

RCT at our office is also tolerated very well due to precision techniques. To further relax anxious patients, Dr. Sheth can discuss the many in-house options for sedation. If she cannot resolve damage to a tooth with more conservative services and restorative treatment, Dr. Sheth may access the inside of the tooth. You won’t feel anything throughout treatment except maybe relief from intense pressure as the tooth is opened. 

She then removes any inflamed or infected tissues from the inside of the tooth (the pulp). After the pulp has been cleared and cleaned, the accessed and treated root canals are reshaped. The tooth is sealed off with a biocompatible material. Infections will need to be removed, and the tooth must be allowed to heal before we strengthen and restore it with a dental crown. 

It is imperative to follow any instructions provided by our team. Failure to do things like get a dental crown in a timely fashion can result in RCT failures. Now, if the treated tooth fails to heal and you experience persistent pain, call us immediately. Dr. Sheth is uniquely qualified due to her extensive and ongoing training to provide successful root canal retreatment and other endodontic procedures. In the unlikely event that patients require specialty care, Dr. Sheth maintains contacts with some of the top providers in the Riverside, California, area. So, if she refers you to a specialist, there is peace of mind. You can trust their capabilities. 

At Dental Care of Riverside, we are privileged to be your family’s “one-stop” for all things oral health. Call (951) 666-8998 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sheth. We want to get you and your family members into a healthy habit of regular dental visits, which helps to avoid the need for restorative treatment such as RCT.