Mercury Safe and Mercury Free We are proud to be mercury-free (and mercury safe!) … What this distinction means and why it matters

Many leading educational institutions surround our slice of southern California. Dr. Archana Sheth strives to stay on top and ahead of the latest, safest, and greatest treatments, technologies, products, and materials that modern dentistry has to offer. 

You can trust that all services available at Dental Care of Riverside are clinically proven effective and safe and are in the best interests of our patient’s health and overall well-being.

Notably, we are a mercury-safe and mercury-free dental provider. While there are many dentists to choose from throughout the Inland Empire, not all are considered “mercury free,” and even fewer could be authentically characterized as “mercury safe.” Let’s take a deeper dive into each: 

  • Mercury-free dentistry – “Silver” fillings are not made from 100% silver. In fact, they are made from comparatively little silver. These traditional fillings are formulated with an amalgam or blend of metals. These metals include silver, tin, copper, and mercury. Yes, mercury. It’s estimated that mercury made up 50% of each filling (by weight). This is a known toxin. We at Dental Care of Riverside are proud to be “mercury-free.” This means you will find no mercury-containing materials or products at our office. Instead, we place metal-free fillings made from a dental composite. It is biocompatible and non-toxic, does not wear or corrode like metals, and supports the long-term health of the treated tooth and mouth
  • Mercury-safe dentistry – It is important to note that not all mercury-free dental practices are also mercury safe. We are both! To attain the status of “mercury safe,” Dr. Sheth and our staff must adhere to certain safeguards and protocols. These protocols center around the safe removal of silver-colored mercury amalgam fillings. When they are drilled out and otherwise removed from the mouth using traditional means, mercury is released into the environment at threatening levels. Such mercury exposure during removal presents health risks to the patient, dentist, dental staff, community, and planet. As a mercury-safe dental provider, we have invested in training on processes, equipment, and protective gear to minimize mercury exposure. Additionally, we have taken the appropriate steps to protect our community, wildlife, and water from the dangers presented by the conventional disposal of mercury waste

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