Bring back the beauty, comfort, and healthy function of your smile with a world of modern dentures options

There are many options for tooth replacement at Dental Care of Riverside. Advanced capabilities define our office and help us to distinguish from other providers in southwestern California and beyond. Our talented dentist, Dr. Archana Sheth, is also a noted implantologist. Patients with all sorts of needs and from all walks of life have benefited from this unique mix of expertise in tooth replacement. 

Back to the “basics” 

Full and partial dentures largely refer to a category of restorative dental treatment. These oral appliances or prosthetics are designed to replace teeth. Treatment starts with an evaluation. So, Dr. Sheth can assess the condition of your mouth. You may be holding on to “failing” teeth that cannot be preserved with root canal therapy or other endodontic therapy measures. Likewise, she may find that some damaged teeth can be preserved with RCT or other restorative procedures, reducing the number of teeth that must be removed and later replaced. 

Following an exam, Dr. Sheth may recommend one of the following types of dentures:

  • A partial denture – The “partial” is made from acrylic and other dental materials. These materials are color-matched and molded to replicate the appearance and structure of natural teeth and gums. These prosthetic teeth and gum tissue are connected to a metal framework. Specialized attachments secure the framework to the remaining teeth in the smile. It is essential to maintain good hygiene, as the existing teeth are vulnerable to decay without it, and your denture depends on them for its support. 
  • A full or complete denture — This option is for patients who do not have healthy, remaining teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Some edentulous (toothless) patients require both upper and lower dentures to replace their natural teeth. Here, too, the denture is made out of materials such as advanced plastics. The material is prepared and fabricated to look like “the real thing.” Unlike partials, however, the denture is not stabilized in the mouth to other teeth. Instead, the fit is of extreme importance. The base of the denture must conform to the contours of your natural tissues well; in turn, the denture is secured via suction. Denture adhesive may also be necessary to retain lower dentures because the shape of the floor of the mouth presents challenges to the stability of the prosthesis. The force from the tongue can also dislodge the denture. 

Within these categories, there are numerous options for patients to choose from at Dental Care at Riverside. In addition to conventional partials, “flippers” and other partial denture options resemble orthodontic retainers or removable bridges. Additionally, traditional full dentures can be retrofitted with implants. Instead of relying on suction, adhesive products, ongoing relining, and other dentures services, this prosthetic gets its support from implants placed in the jawbone. They function like tooth roots. “Overdentures” are the term for a full or complete upper or lower denture(s) that connect to strategically-positioned implants in the jaws – as few as four are needed to replace an entire arch of teeth! We can even provide immediate dentures during the same visit as your extractions. So, you never have to eat or be seen in public without teeth. 

We are sure you have plenty of questions, and we welcome them! Contact our Riverside, CA office today at (951) 666-8998