We protect your smile with proactive care and conservative, quality restorations like composite fillings

Tooth loss does not have to be in your future. And there really is no time like the present to protect the healthy, attractive appearance of your teeth! Led by Dr. Archana Sheth, Dental Care of Riverside prides itself on building close relationships with patients of all ages. Our office, which is conveniently located near the University of California Riverside, supports the oral health of individuals and families across southwestern California with the latest dental techniques, materials, and technologies. With our proactive, relationship-based approach to care, advanced capabilities allow us to prevent many extensive, costly, and invasive restorative dental treatments. 

The “common” filling

Routine visits to our office are all about managing potential threats to your oral health and detecting problems early. Our talented dental hygienists remove bacteria, stubborn plaque, and surface stains from the teeth and at the gum line. These substances contribute to dental decay and gum disease, the leading causes of tooth loss. Dr. Sheth also applies her considerable expertise and advanced technologies to detect potential problems before they manifest as symptoms like tooth sensitivity. Often, oral problems are silent or produce subtle and easy-to-ignore signs early into the disease process. 

Such consistent preventative check-ups help to avoid the need for restorative procedures, such as dental fillings. As far as restorations go, however, fillings are conservative. Dental decay erodes the tissue. Without treatment, decay produces holes in the tooth. These holes are called “cavities.” With the fillings procedure, Dr. Sheth can fill in the cavities. She replaces the lost tissues with fillings. The filling itself is a material that can be shaped. The material is precisely prepared to fit within the cavity. It is then secured to the prepared, remaining natural tooth structure. 

There are many materials to choose from, and Dr. Sheth will discuss options with you during your consultation. These materials range from metals like gold to metal-free composite resins (plastics) and ceramics (porcelain). The type of material used for your filling depends on factors such as the location and function of the tooth. Gold may be ideal for the molars at the back of the mouth because it is such a strong material. Resins or ceramics may be appropriate for visible teeth toward the front of the mouth because they best mimic the natural color and appearance of the teeth. 

As a true “one-stop” for an array of oral health services, Dental Care of Riverside also provides conservative alternatives like dental inlays and onlays to restore the structure, health, and function of the teeth. To find out more, call us at (951) 666-8998