Advanced endodontic care to “save” even the severely damaged teeth

Dr. Archana Sheth partners closely with individuals and multi-generational families across southwestern California. Ideally, the journey of oral care through professional services starts young; however, patients of all ages can benefit from proactive visits to protect the health and structure of the teeth. 

Dental Care of Riverside is Dr. Sheth’s continuous learning and diverse training in advanced treatments. She is able to preserve even severely damaged teeth from our office, which is conveniently located near the University of California Riverside. You do not get the run-around here. Many procedures can be handled safely and precisely by Dr. Sheth.

Endodontic treatment

Endodontics refers to diagnosing, preventing, and treating conditions that affect the inside of the tooth (“endo” and “odont” are derived from the Greek words for “inside” and “tooth”). Teeth are layered—progressive conditions such as tooth decay damage the teeth from the outside inward. Dental decay may start as erosion to the outermost protective enamel covering. Without treatment, the decay process moves its way through the tooth – to the softer, vulnerable dentin layer and, then, the pulp. The innermost pulp chamber contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. Pulp tissue nourishes a developing tooth. But, once the tooth has matured, the pulp is no longer essential to its health. 

However, damage to the pulp can cause problems due to the presence of nerves. Patients with severe inflammation or an infected pulp may feel jarring or persistent pain. Swelling may be indicative of a serious infection or abscess. 

Root canal therapy 

To stop the pain, “save” a severely damaged tooth, and avoid the serious complications associated with pulp damage, Dr. Sheth may recommend RCT. Root canal treatment is the most common type of endodontic therapy. It simply involves accessing a numbed tooth (so you don’t feel anything but relief from intense pressure) and then cleaning out the inside of the tooth. Inflamed tissues are removed. The tooth itself is sealed off. Once it has healed and the infection has been cleared, Dr. Sheth restores the treated tooth with a durable dental crown. 

Unlike other dentists in Riverside, California, and beyond, Dr. Sheth is also adept at other endodontic treatments. While RCT has a high success rate of more than 90%, retreatment may be necessary should the tooth fail to heal. Surgical endodontic treatments also include apicoectomy. True to its moniker of “root-end resection,” this procedure involves removing the tip or “apex” of the tooth and surrounding tissue to keep teeth that cannot be preserved with conventional nonsurgical RCT. In the rare event that Dr. Sheth must refer patients to specialists, they remain in excellent hands, as she has many good contacts at facilities, including the local hospital.

The best time to visit the dentist is before concerns arise. Call Dental Care of Riverside today at (951) 666-8998 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Sheth.