We are with you at every step of the implants process, from placement to care that sustains your new teeth

If you have an incomplete smile due to gaps, we can help you regain your healthy, vibrant appearance and confidence. Dental Care of Riverside offers the only form of tooth replacement that replicates natural teeth: dental implants. 

Other dentists in our corner of southwestern California (and beyond) do not have the onsite expertise and capabilities to complete every step in the implant process. Instead, they must refer their patients to professionals like Dr. Sheth.

Dr. Sheth is equipped to precisely plan, prepare, design, surgically place, and restore the implant-supported prosthetic. Every aspect of the process is within our capacity and understanding. As a “one-stop” for all your dental care needs, we support patient convenience, comfort, and satisfaction and even minimize the costs associated with traveling to and accessing a specialty provider. 

We further lower the barriers to getting this “gold standard” tooth replacement by offering a range of payment options; Alphaeon® and CareCredit®. Additionally, Dental Care of Riverside established an in-house member savings plan. This is not insurance; it is a hassle-free way to secure significant savings on our services. 

Real Patients, Real Results

Experience the many benefits of the best in tooth replacement!

Formerly, prosthetic teeth only accounted for the visible parts of the teeth. Not for what was underneath the outermost tooth layers. 

Dental implants are revolutionary. They account for and replace the tooth root. Roots stabilize or hold the crown or structures of the tooth in place. By recreating the roots, implants retain the strength of the supportive bone. When teeth are not present, the jawbone shrinks. The structural support of the face and jaws deteriorates. We may appear older than our years as skin and muscle sag over deteriorated bone. The lower part of the face may appear “collapsed” or sunken. Problems with chewing, speech, and other functions only get worse. 

Implants prevent, stop, and reverse the devastating effects of this process of bone loss. Implant-supported dentures do not require the ongoing adjustments necessary to maintain the fit of traditional removable dentures. They continue to fit well and keep going for as long as you do and as long as you maintain good oral care and check-ups at our office in Riverside, California.

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