Dental Cleanings from your Dentist in Riverside, CA

Why Are Professional Cleanings So Important?

The top two reasons most adults lose teeth are cavities and gum disease. This is why, on top of an excellent dental hygiene routine, regular professional dental cleaning appointments are so crucial.  Even the best daily brushing and flossing won’t get every bit of plaque between teeth and along the gum lines. If the plaque is not removed, it eventually hardens into tartar. Professional dental cleanings from your dentist in Riverside, gets rid of all that tartar and keeps your teeth and gums on track to stay healthy. Regular dental cleanings are necessary for good oral hygiene. Besides keeping your teeth and gums healthy, cleaning allows your dentist to get a good look at any possible issues. 

Do teeth need to be professionally cleaned?

Good oral hygiene habits are necessary for a healthy mouth. A toothbrush does not remove all the plaque buildup that a professional cleaning can. Professional dental scaling is a significant component to achieving excellent oral hygiene. Dr. Sheth, your dentist in Riverside, recommends having your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year to ensure your teeth and gums are in good health.

How Often Should I Come In For Cleanings?

In general, patients should schedule cleaning appointments twice a year. Those with risk factors for developing gum disease or diabetic patients may need more frequent cleanings.

What happens during dental cleaning visits?

There are usually two parts to a dental cleaning visit: the oral examination and the cleaning. During the exam, Dr. Achana Sheth will check your teeth for cavities. In some cases, digital x-rays might be taken to find cavities located between the teeth.  A hygienist removes most of the stains that dull and discolor teeth with a professional cleaning by a polishing tool that makes your smile sparkle. After your teeth are polished, your hygienist will floss the teeth to make sure all areas between the teeth are clean. You’ll be guaranteed a brighter, whiter smile in addition to cleaning up any potential infections.  But there are several vital things besides cavities that the dentist looks for during a dental cleaning. Plaque and tartar, gum disease, and cancer indicators are crucial aspects of the teeth cleaning appointment.

  • Plaque and Tartar

Plaque is a transparent, sticky layer of bacteria colonies. If the sticky substance is not removed, it becomes hard and becomes tartar. Tartar cannot be removed by brushing or flossing. A dentist must remove tartar from the teeth before the patient becomes susceptible to various oral diseases. Read more here.

  • Gum Disease

We use a unique tool that measures how deep the space is between your gums and teeth to check gum health. Healthy gums have shallow areas around the teeth, but these spaces become deeper in people with gum disease. Identifying gum disease early on makes a big difference in preventing more serious dental issues. Learn more by following this link.

  • Diseases of the Tongue, Throat, and Neck

A thorough examination of the face, tongue, throat, neck, and head is essential during a dental cleaning visit. In this part of the examination, Dr. Sheth looks for redness, inflammation, or tissue changes indicative of cancer. We take this part of the visit very seriously because identifying diseased tissue at an early stage can make a life-or-death difference for our patients.

Early Detection of Issues 

By having a deep cleaning done at least twice a year, the chances of a problem with your oral health decrease. Many diseases or cancers are curable if detected early during routine cleaning. It is also an excellent time for your doctor to look for signs of broken fillings and fractures that may be forming.  The earlier these fractures and misalignments are detected, the better. You don’t always notice a buildup of problems while just cleaning at home. Most oral diseases are not visible to the naked eye. Hard-to-reach areas between the teeth and the back of the teeth require professional cleaning to target problematic signs. Beyond catching cavities, dental cleanings help boost your overall health, keep your breath fresh, brighten your smile, and all this while saving you money in the long run. What could be better than that?

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