We prevent unnecessary chips and cracks and effectively treat even the most severe tooth fractures!

Teeth can crack in many different ways. Fortunately, Dr. Archana Sheth has the advanced training and experience to resolve all sorts of cracks or fractures successfully. Along with the Dental Care of Riverside team, Dr. Sheth has the know-how and onsite capabilities to fix broken teeth. And patients of all ages, from University of California students to centenarians, are welcome at our practice and can benefit from our high level of expertise in diagnosing and treating even the most complex and challenging conditions.

The problem: cracked teeth 

Our teeth are incredibly strong. They are covered by enamel – a substance that is harder than skeletal bone! However, the enamel is not indestructible. It can become eroded, weakened, and otherwise damaged by many behaviors and oral conditions, including: 

  • Chronic teeth grinding and jaw clenching (“bruxism”)
  • Habitual chewing of fingernails, ice cubes, candies, and other hard foods and objects
  • Blows to the face received during sports 
  • Accidents such as falls 
  • A lack of consistent oral hygiene can lead to cavities and tooth decay 

Teeth that have sustained damage due to enamel erosion and dental decay are more vulnerable to chips and cracks.

Accurate diagnostics 

Much like other oral conditions that require treatment at Dental Care of Riverside, effective restoration of broken teeth starts with Dr. Sheth examining your mouth. It is essential to your oral health to get into a good habit of routine oral exams or check-ups at our office. Many early-stage conditions, such as enamel erosion and gum inflammation, are asymptomatic. That means you could have an underlying and destructive problem and not even know it! 

Dr. Sheth uses her keen eye and advanced diagnostic technologies to pinpoint problems before they cause damage. By the time you feel heightened sensitivity, pain, or other concerning changes, it may be too late – the damage may have already been done. 

Treating broken teeth 

Recommendations for resolving chipped or broken teeth depend on what our skilled dentist finds during your examination. Generally, dental enamel can become damaged in the following ways: 

  • Craze lines are superficial cracks affecting the tooth’s outermost enamel layer. While they may be a cosmetic concern, they do not threaten the structural integrity and health of the affected teeth.
  • Fractured cusps are cracks on the chewing surfaces of the teeth, and they rarely cause serious internal damage to the pulp tissue at the center of a tooth. So, Dr. Sheth may recommend placing a dental crown to protect and strengthen the weak tooth.
  • Cracked teeth may involve fractures that extend from the chewing surface to the roots of the tooth and, depending on the position of the break, may require root canal therapy to “save” the damaged tooth.
  • Split teeth treatment, too, depends on the location and the extent of the damage to the tooth. Some teeth may be preserved, whereas others may require tooth extraction or removal.
  • Vertical root fractures that begin in the roots of the teeth are among the most difficult to identify. But Dr. Sheth can effectively detect and preserve even these challenging cases with endodontic procedures designed to treat the innermost tooth structure. 

Many of our patients in Riverside, California, and beyond appreciate that we don’t have to refer them out to specialists for care. We offer even the most advanced dental work under our roof! 

We also partner with patients to help them prevent unnecessary chips, fractures, and damage; for instance, nightguards and mouthguards may be customized to fit your mouth. They protect teeth and oral tissues from chips, breakage, and other trauma caused by chronic bruxism or injuries sustained while playing sports. 

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